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Grief, Loss & Traumatic Birth Support Links and Information


For a listing of local support groups please click Here.



Caregiver Support


Resources for bereaved family and professional caregivers, also a store to purchase remembrance items, birth announcements, etc www.griefwatch.com


The World Health Organization: Managing Complications in Pregnancy, Emotional and Psychological Support (a guide for caregivers)



Centering Corporation – A Grief Resource center – books and information www.centering.org


The Grief Recovery Institute – general information about recovery from grief be it for the professional or the grieving individual



Wintergreen Press – materials and resources for grieving families, from the author of Empty Arms.

Elizabeth Kubler Ross’s Web site, the author of On Death and Dying and on Children and Death many resources and tips for those touched by griefand loss



Perinatal Loss


A Place to Remember – for those who have been touched by a crisis in pregnancy or death of a baby



March of Dimes Pregnancy and Newborn Loss Resources www.marchofdimes.com


March of Dimes Bereavement Kit – free to those who have had a loss www.marchofdimes.com


Waiting With Love – For those who choose to continue a pregnancy knowing their baby will die before or shortly after birth or who learn their newborns will die



Angel Babies Forever Loved



Hannah’s Prayer – Christian support group for loss from conception through early infancy



Bereavement Services Gunderson Lutheran Medical Foundation – resources for parents and health care providers, information, sales of remembrance rings, memory boxes, and caregiver training www.bereavementprograms.com


Hygeia – a global community for perinatal health, loss, and bereavement


MEND Mommies Enduring Neonatal Death – a Christian support group www.mend.org


Pregnancy loss and support program National Council of Jewish Women New York Section – a nationwide support group that coordinates telephone counseling and support groups



Remembering our Babies



SHARE Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support – National organization with resources for loss for parents, friends/family, and professionals, free information packet, support groups and chats, and more www.nationalshareoffice.com


Empty Arms, a facilitated peer support system



Still Birth


WISSP Wisconsin Stillbirth Service Program for any family who has experienced stillbirth



A TIME - A Torah Infertility Medium of Exchange – a group that helps with infertility and loss from a Jewish perspective.



Carrying to Term – a Web site for parents who choose to carry their pregnancies following devastating prenatal diagnosis.



Wintergreen Press – materials and resources for grieving families, fromthe author of Empty Arms.



The Stillbirth Alliance.



The National SUID/SIDS Resource Center has released two updated resources to help families cope with grief following the death of an infant or child. Both resources were produced with support from the Health Resources and Services Administration's Maternal and Child Health Bureau and include updated lists of select resources. The updated publications include the following:


  • The Death of a Child, the Grief of the Parents: A Lifetime Journey discusses common and individual characteristics of parental grief, parental grief and a sudden infant death syndrome death, fathers' grief, the impact of grief in special parenting situations, thoughts from grieving parents, and coping with loss and moving on. The pamphlet is available at


  • The Grieving Child: Helping Children Cope When an Infant Dies provides guidance on how to help children cope after the unexpected loss of an infant sibling or other loved one. It provides information about how children of different ages react to death and how parents and other caregivers can help them.

  • Information about family rituals and suggestions on seeking support services is also provided. The pamphlet is available at www.sidscenter.org


The Loss of a Child


The Compassionate Friends – Grief support after the loss of a child www.compassionatefriends.org


Bereaved Parents of the USA



The MISS foundation Mothers in Sympathy and Support – For parents, professionals, and friends/caregivers



The Center for Loss in Multiple Birth (CLIMB)



Yahoo groups ELIMBO (Electronic Loss in Multiple Birth Outreach) and LAMBS (Loss of ALL Multiple Births


Multiplicity – Loss, prematurity, and special needs in multiple pregnancywith links to other multiple resources.



GAST – Alliance of Grandparents, A Support in Tragedy International – support for grandparents who have lost a grandchild and information on how to help their children (the parents of the child



The National Infertility Organization



The National SIDS/infant death resource center



The American SIDS Institute



Down Syndrome Diagnosis


Down Syndrome – Information about Down Syndrome and Grieving the loss of the ideal and perfect baby



For relatives and friends of a baby with Down Syndrome – what to and not to say



Healing Instruments


The Gentle Wind Project – Healing instruments www.gentlewindproject.org


International Harp Therapy Program



Subsequent Pregnancies following a loss SPALS Subsequent Pregnancy after a Loss Support 





Hospice.net a Web-site dedicated to end of life issues including explaining death to children and general information on bereavement www.hospicenet.org


Substance Abuse Support


Alcoholics Anonymous



Narcotics Anonymous



Alanon: For family and friends affected by someone’s drinking/ drug use



Gamblers Anonymous



Overeaters Anonymous



Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous



Jewish Family and Children’s Service:Valuable resource, Boston area agency providing support to the elderly,new immigrants, individuals with disabilities, new mothers, many otherservices available, open to all. www.jfcsboston.org


Babies Remembered Magazine



Anita Pandolfe Ruchman NP Nurse Psychotherapist, Rockport, MA.




Founder and Director of A Tender Place~Mind~Body~Spirit Therapies facilitates retreats for those experiencing grief and loss as a result of the dealth of a loved one. Often when we are grieving, others tell us to keep busy and not be alone. These may be helpful temporary measures but what happens to all those feelings we are trying not to feel? Who are we now without our loved one? How do we live our lives now when we feel so devastated by our loss? The Beyond Words Retreat provides participants with the opportunity to step back from everyday life, slow down, and focus inward. Under the skillful, compassionate care and guidance of nurse psychotherapist Anita Pandolfe Ruchman, participants safely and gently tend to their grief through sacred movement, meditation, massage treatments, art and music therapy, and quiet guided sharing with others who are grieving. The retreat provides comfort, coping measures, and a bit of relief from the heaviness and exhaustion of grief. We will utilize the majestic beauty of the natural surroundings of Cape Ann to take in the healing power of the sea, the grounding earth energy of the granite, and the soothing spaciousness of the great blue sky. In order to create a safe, private, experience the # of participants Is limited to 6.