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Furniture and TV Safety


Resources Devices to Secure

Furniture and Televisions Safely


All televisions and furniture, no matter how small or tall, how heavy or light, or how safe you think it is, MUST be properly secured to a wall stud. The heavier the piece of furniture, the more straps you may need to support the weight. You must account for the weight of the piece of furniture or TV, fully loaded with 'stuff', and with an additional 50 pounds hanging off the top open drawer, shelf or front of TV (to simulate a child's weight pulling down). If studs are not available, use toggle bolts.


Not sure why you need to secure your furniture? Please visit the following Web sites to learn why it is so important. Especially if you don’t think it’s necessary.

An important, short, video from the CPSC:




















An infographic on the frequency of injury and death to children from falling furniture and TV’s:


A compelling story from a parent:




3 children every hour, or 71 children are injured EVERY DAY by falling furniture, and a child dies every two weeks from a furniture tip-over!


Devices that can be used to secure furniture: fasteners

(good for speakers, computers and monitors, audiovisual equipment, etc)



  • All anti-tip devices must be secured into a stud in the wall and into SOLID WOOD, not into the flimsy pressboard backings of some Not all devices work for all pieces of furniture or in all locations where that furniture might be in a room. You need to choose carefully and appropriately.


  • You may need to rearrange furniture to make it safe!


**Note, even if your furniture comes with a restraining device, it may not be sufficient to hold the weight of the furniture**


  • Even if secured, you must periodically check the straps to be sure they are still secure and not pulling out of the furniture, TV or wall.


**Note: We do not recommend the use of cable ties or Mommy’s Helper Furniture Straps as they are plastic cable ties and will not bear the weight of most fully loaded pieces of storage furniture and the plastic cables often become brittle and break easily after a short time.




Every 45 minutes a child is taken to the ER because of a fallen TV. One child dies every 3 weeks from a TV tip-over!


The safest way to secure a TV is to purchase a flat panel TV and mount it directly to the wall. If you cannot do that, please use one of the devices below. Even large rear projection and other big, heavy TV’s can pose a danger and should be secured.


Quakehold Straps Big Screen and Appliance Strap


Anti-Tip Television Strap (for flat screen TV’s)


How do I properly secure Furniture and TV’s to the wall?


A how to Video on how to secure furniture:

















































Where to buy anti-tip devices?


You may find some of the products at Babies R Us, some 'big box' department and home improvement stores (or their Web sites), and on line at or other Child or Earthquake safety stores. Not all stores carry them, call first to ask. If they don’t carry them, educate them and encourage them to stock them! carries all the brands recommended here.



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